SAP Consulting Services

Tekylabs is fully equipped to provide SAP services in all ERP Modules, Analytics and Mobile Development Platforms to all our customers. We are blessed with a capable team with a plethora of SAP Knowledge both deserve and competent which is the key to conduct projects of all dimensions.

We provide SAP services in both Technical and Functional fronts

1. SAP ERP Platforms:

We Provide services in all the functional modules. Some of our offerings are as follows:

a) SAP Functional Module Offerings
  • FICO (Finance & Controlling)
  • HR (Human Resource)
  • PP (Production Planning)
  • MM (Material Management)
  • SD (Sales & Distribution)
  • PM (Plant Maintenance)
  • PS (Project Systems)
  • QM (Quality Management) etc..
b) SAP Technical Module Offering
  • All SAP R/3 applications and parts of basis are developed in ABAP.
  • ABAP will be used in all types of customization as per user requirements.
  • The ABAP programming language unifies the advantages of an object-oriented language.
  • SAP Basis Implementation, Upgrade, Migration & Production Support


2. The SAP Analytic Viewpoint:

For a growing company, data analysis is of prime importance as it facilitates intelligent business decisions. A growing organization is always looking to analyze data to arrive at better conclusions.It is also important for a company to establish a goal as to how the analytics will be used; once a goal is set, the company can figure out the process to get there and also the tools which will make the journey smoother. Tekylabs can help you use SAP Analytics(BI/BO/HANA) to attain great results with profound easy.

Features of SAP Analytics are:
  • Enhance agility and reduce complexity
  • Combine the strengths of SQL-oriented approach with an integrated EDW application
  • Merge SAP and non-SAP data using composite providers for simplified reporting (BI/BO/HANA)
  • Achieve real-time operational and analytical reporting, with OLTP and OLAP workloads operating in-memory
  • Replicate data real-time from SAP and non-SAP systems using SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) and BODS
  • Deliver Predictive Analysis capabilities enabled by SAP HANA PAL algorithms, and achieve tighter integration with R & SAS.


3. SAP Mobility – Unwire your business:

At this day and age, mobile phones offer the most diverse platform where each and every business ERP scenarios can be monitored to make effective business decisions based on the information provided, which not only cuts the cost drastically, but also provides secured and robust information chain. With provision for apps both Hybrid and Native we can be absolutely certain that mobile devices with its unique interactions and capabilities are the key to next-generation ERP trends.

Features of mobile platform are:
  • Flexible developer license packages for companies of all sizes
  • End to end partnership life cycle management through Mobile Apps Partner Center
  • Hosted sand box and development environment
  • Ability to market and sell apps via SAP store
  • Rich and vibrant developer community access


  • Develop once, deploy everywhere and run on any device – Desktop, Tablet, Smart phone
  • Reduce cost, complexity and effort through cloud-based offering (zero installation)
  • Increases developer productivity with code templates and SAP best practices
  • Improves team productivity with the ability to code and collaborate anywhere


Tekylabs SAP Center of Excellence

Tekylabs is one of the very few SAP service providers with a team of experienced consultants to help clients globally.

  • Co-operative development
  • Quick personal mobilization
  • Close co-operation in landscape setup
  • Post-development support and training
Why Consider Tekylabs?
  • Comprehensive service – we take a modular approach to design, development, roll out, testing and support, leveraging industry best practices. Our solutions are secure, scalable and maintainable.
  • Quality check – we help consumers in assessing the optimum scenarios in which they can have a beneficial business altogether.
  • Development skills – our services are painstakingly conceptualized, planned, designed and executed by the team of highly skilled design experts, programmers and project management specialists.
  • Constant improvement – our zeal for improvement prompts us to invent robust procedures and methodologies in niche technologies for mobility, e-commerce and real-time analytics.
  • Corporate training – we are also capable of conducting corporate training for our customers giving them in-depth knowledge of the usage of SAP products.